Straitline chainguide

Straitline chainguide

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Straitline Silent Guides Chain Guide, lightweight, high-performance, 100% made in Canada

Straitline Silent Guides Chain guide , main body made from 7075 aluminum alloy, black anodized,Polymer composite sliders high strength, this material facilitates 'the smoothness of the chain and reduces the noise level'.
Available in ISCG and ISCG05, sliders parts available in various colors.
-32t (176 grams)
-34-36 (187 grams)
-38-40 (205 grams)
weight includes bash ring and hardware

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Strailine Silent Guides

Code 1717 silent guide iscg05-32

Straitline chain guide model Silentguide

modello: iscg05-32t